Marv n' Berry

Sketch Comedy

Photographer: Alysia Semrok Photography

Photographer: Alysia Semrok Photography

Marv n’ Berry is a Canadian sketch comedy posse consisting of (from left to right) Chris Borger, Sam Stralak, Nikki Hulowski, Quinn Contini, and Mike Robertson. All members are seasoned improvisors in Edmonton Alberta’s Rapid Fire Theatre ensemble. Marv n’ Berry was formed at the 2015 annual Bonfire Improv Festival (a celebration of experimental improv formats). After creating an hour long sketch showcase in a week, they emerged fully formed as a quintet of dedicated sketch performers.

Since then, Marv n’ Berry has been travelling throughout North America, producing and performing sold-out shows at the Philly Sketchfest, the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, Montréal Sketchfest, the Dallas Comedy Festival, Phoenix, AZ’s Bird City Comedy Fest, New Orleans' Hell Yes! Fest, and many, many more, including multiple appearances at Edmonton’s International comedy festival, Improvaganza. Marv n’ Berry had a critically-acclaimed four star sold-out run at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival in 2016 with their show “Marv n’ Berry presents: Is Everyone Ignoring Me or Am I Just a Ghost?” and returned in 2017 with another four-star show called “Marv n' Berry Presents: Imagination”, and in 2018, rocked the world again debuting their brand new show “Marv n’ Berry presents: Everyone Panic Please” with yet another sold-out run, and receiving four-and-a-half stars across the board.