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MARV n' Berry presents: everyone panic, please


everyone panic, please

Following two consecutive FOUR STAR Fringe shows, Marv n' Berry returns from their international tour to present the glimmering highlights of their comedy mind-dungeons. Their new show, "Everyone Panic, Please" encourages folks to hold their breath and consider freaking the fuck out.

"If only Saturday Night Live were this consistently funny… Marv n’ Berry are sharp comedic performers who manage to subvert expectations of where you think a sketch may be going and garner big laughs in the process.” - Edmonton Journal

“A funny, witty, and smart testament to sketch comedy, ‘Everyone Panic, Please’ attacks the stage with bits that leave you short of breath.” -

CREATED AND STARRING: Chris Borger, Quinn Contini, Nikki Hulowki, Mike Robertson, Sam Stralak


RUNTIME: 60 minutes

VENUE: Grindstone Theatre (10019 81 ave NW)

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