Marv n' Berry

Sketch Comedy


“A funny, witty, and smart testament to sketch comedy, ‘Everyone Panic, Please’ attacks the stage with bits that leave you short of breath.”

Edmonton Fringe

“marv n’ berry is a must see of canadian comedy!”

— Byron Martin, COO Grindstone Comedy Theatre

“very, very funny.”

– Vue Weekly

“As a festival producer, I always like to ask people who they saw and who stood out. Consistently, Marv n’ Berry was one of the stand out shows for our badge and ticket holders! Great acting, fabulous commitment, and hilarious to boot!”

— Maggie Reith Austin, COO Dallas Comedy House/ Dallas Comedy Fest
Dallas, TX

"If only Saturday Night Live were this consistently funny… Marv n’ Berry are sharp comedic performers who manage to subvert expectations of where you think a sketch may be going and garner big laughs in the process.”

National Post

“If there’s one common denominator for this fivesome, it’s pure comedic talent.”

— The Gateway

“I've seen tons of sketch over two decades, and these guys are among the best I've ever seen."

— Robert Buscemi, Comedian, Los Angeles, CA

“The Canadian sketch comedy troupe Marv ‘n Berry was an absolute hoot! ...A weird combination of beautiful and a cute kind of disgusting and I loved every minute of it.”

— Geek Girls, Dallas, TX


"I saw Marv n' Berry at the 2017 Bird City, where they blew me away. Really, really adventurous, physical, and strange, but also charming as hell. My thought was that all three were highly skilled, camera-ready actors as well as being absolutely hilarious. I approached them immediately and gushed my admiration. They're the best. Watch if you possibly can.

— Robert Buscemi, Comedian, Los Angeles, CA

"My favorite Canadian sketch comedy group"

— Josh Higham, Philly Sketchfest/ My First Sketch, Philadelphia, PA

“where have you been all my life?”

— Edmonton Journal

“Marv N’ Berry’s brand of sketch comedy is wry, silly and well-crafted. A very welcome addition to any festival or show.”

— Genevieve Rice, Director, Bird City Comedy Fest, Phoenix, AZ

“I'd book them every year if they wanted.”

— Chris Trew, Hell Yes Fest/ The New Movement NOLA New Orleans, LA

“marv n’ berry know how to deliver.”

— Beth Peterson, Director of Seattle Sketchfest, Seattle, WA

“enjoy laughing your head off”

— Edmonton Sun

“Marv N' Berry's approach is magic, and their chemistry is electric. I have a bit of a crush. No frills, super friendly, game for anything. They took my fest by storm! A+++ HIGHLY RECOMMEND. SHIPPED PROMPTLY AND ARRIVED IN PERFECT CONDITION."

— Megan Wills, Director, Charm City Comedy, Baltimore, MD.

“Marv n’ Berry is 100% good vibes. …I don’t know anything about Edmonton or Alberta at all, but I’m certain that I speak with absolute truth and authority when I say that MnB are the best, most funniest people there.”

— Deirdre Trudeau, Director, Montreal Sketchfest Montréal, QC


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