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MARV n' Berry PREsents: someone will win a car


someone will win a car

After selling-out three years running and garnering big four-star reviews every year, Marv n’ Berry are back to the Edmonton Fringe Festival with their fourth-consecutive show. Returning again from last year’s FOUR AND A HALF STAR Fringe show, Marv n’ Berry has spent the last year (near) perfecting a show that is at least worth FOUR AND THREE-QUARTER STARS. Marv n’ Berry presents: Someone Will Win a Car isn’t just an opportunity to laugh your pants off.

You can also win a car. You read that right, Marv n’ Berry is giving away a real-life, fully working car and YOU can win it, just by attending the show.

This quintet of comedians are extremely proud of Someone Will Win a Car, and hope that you are proud of yourself too.


“Very, very funny.” – Vue Weekly

"If only Saturday Night Live were this consistently funny… Marv n’ Berry are sharp comedic performers who manage to subvert expectations of where you think a sketch may be going and garner big laughs in the process.” - Edmonton Journal

“A funny, witty, and smart testament to sketch comedy, ‘Everyone Panic, Please’ attacks the stage with bits that leave you short of breath.” -

CREATED AND STARRING: Chris Borger, Quinn Contini, Nikki Hulowki, Mike Robertson, Sam Stralak


RUNTIME: 60 minutes

Poster Photography by Kim Davies Photography

"Marv n’ Berry: Someone Will Win A Car”: The Rules *

Entrants must be over 16 years of age and enter a skill-testing question.

Ballots limited to paying ticket-holding guests of Marv n’ Berry Someone Will Win a Car at the Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019.

Total tickets printed: 720

Prize package accepted as is, no liens or encumberments, winner is responsible for all licensing, insurance and future mechanical.

Draw Date: Saturday, Aug. 24 – Winner will be contacted by phone or email.

  • This contest is now closed.