Marv n' Berry

Sketch Comedy



Chris Borger has worked as a comedian, WHL announcer, improviser, educator, and custodian. He graduated from the University of Alberta with an education degree in 2016 and since then he mostly chills and is down to hang.


quinn contini

Quinn is an improvisor, actor, dog show emcee, and knot enthusiast. He has taught and performed in many fun places including Oslo, Dubai, Amsterdam, basements in various locations, and a cold and mostly empty winter tent in Edmonton. Quinn believes that having fun is always more fun than not having fun, and he shares this philosophy with his favourite animal, the goat. 

Nikki Hulowski

Nikki Hulowski (Nikki Rae Hallow) is an Alberta-based actor, comedian, improviser and stuntwoman. A graduate of the University of Alberta’s BFA Acting program in 2015, Nikki has thrived in the arts with a focus on her comedy and film/television career. She is a member of Rapid Fire Theatre and has worked with the likes of Kevin MacDonald from Kids in the Hall, the cast of Whose Line is It Anyway?, Upright Citizens Brigade and Second City Alumni. 


Mike Robertson

Mike is a filmmaker, improvisor and comedian. He has created dozens of sketch comedy shorts for web and TV, and has had some short films that did some cool festivals. He even had a viral video once, so he knows what fleeting glory feels like.  As a standup he has performed across Canada and has opened for Maria Bamford, Neil Hamburger, Tig Notaro, among other famous people worth name dropping. He currently runs the Edmonton chapter of "Weird Al Karaoke" at the Grindstone Theatre, just off Whyte avenue.

Sam Stralak

Sam is an actor and improviser from Edmonton; and got his start doing improv in high school. Since then he's done improv not in high school, with Rapid Fire Theatre since 2012. He enjoys Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Kanye West albums, and sour patch kids. It has been a dream come true to be able to work with his best friends and create comedy out of the wacky ideas in Marv n' Berry's collective head.

Technical Director: KIIDRA DUHAULT